Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Empower Network Home Business

The Empower Network online blogging multi level marketing business is growing at unbelievable rates. David Wood and David Sharpe, known as Dave and Dave, have gone from living in a van and a carpenter to building a business that anyone can duplicate. This system that they have put together has 8 core commitments that are simple to follow even a military man like myself can accomplish them.

They started with a vision – not for the ‘Gurus’ or even myself – Dave started this with a vision to take what he had been doing successfully online for the last 2 1/2 years, and put it into the hands of EVERYONE, so they could make the ‘guru’ money, without being a guru.

It worked.

The Empower Network now has more than 38,562 customers in over 100 countries, and EVERYONE in the top 100 earners is making the equivalent of the ‘average’ income in the USA ($2,500 a month or more)
In addition, the speed of new customer growth is increasing by 10% a week, and each month, everyone in our top 100 is experiencing a 40% increase in personal income.

They are now in the top 500 sites WORLD WIDE in traffic, and that's increasing by 40% per month, also.
This month, they have ALREADY HAD 32 people earn more than $8,000 (the equivalent of a six figure income) and by the end of the month, They predict that they will have 35-39 – which will be 11-15 new six figure earners (about one every 2 days).

Here's where they are going, though:
You ain't seen nothin' yet.

David Wood's goal is, next month (August) to create a new six figure earner every 24 hours.
The next month, heading into the San Diego event, Dave want's to create 100 NEW six figure earners from the first of September – September 21st, when the event starts.

From what the Empower Network is doing at the event, the goal is, IMMEDIATELY coming out of it…
…to create a NEW $30,000 PER MONTH earner every 24 hours, and a NEW $100,000 PER MONTH earner every 7 days.

If YOU get in and get unified behind that vision.

Dave believes that WE, together will create the SINGLE RICHEST TEAM in the history of direct sales.
Dave has a VISION of helping EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the top 100 to earn $250,000 per month.

You can get involved with the The Empower Network Online Business run away train for only $25

This will turn your life around if you follow the 8 Core Commitments...

DISCLAIMER:  Just because they've paid out $10.6
million in the last 8 months, and have 40 six figure
earners - 16 of which they created in the last 31 days,
doesn't mean that you'll make money, too.

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